About Us

Get to know to know our story

Our company was founded by Peter DeVivi in 1972, always working and specializing in solid wood products from designer furniture in the beginning years to the current production of high quality Stix (oak barrel alternatives) for the beverage industry.

The focus on the conservation of oak consumption in this industry sparked another way to manufacture products. The industry is growing and adapting, so are we. What sets our products apart from the rest is the 70% long grain of Stix that is more in likeness to a barrel stave.

We are now a second generation family business located in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region. We take great pride in manufacturing consistent quality products, and have always procured Northern American Quercus alba White Oak in fresh logs and processed them ourselves for a premium barrel alternative product.

Initially, the challenge was to get customers to try our products. Once that happened, we found it easy to earn their trust in us and our products. The next challenge was procuring high quality French Oak. We import directly from one of the largest producers in France Quercus petraea and Quercus robur species Oak, seasoned in France for the products we make.

We have perfected our Stix over decades to bring you high quality oak barrel alternatives.