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Great question! In the first month the extraction of flavors comes from the short grain from the way WineStix® and BeerStix™ are milled, don’t panic! The unique thing that happens is the slow extraction of the long grain below the milled in pattern, as the liquid soaks in deeper into the wood the gradient toasting in our products shines. As time goes on the “at first major Oak impression” softens and melds into a unique harmony with the wine or Brew, so allow AT LEAST 3 months for the softening to happen.
The dosage for WineStix and BeerStix products is as follows: All of the recipes are based on 2nd use Barrel profiles and aromas. We have resized (and priced) all of our products based on the past 4 years of Professional Wineries using our products.
The dosage for BeerStix™ products is the same as WineStix® products with the exception of Domininos. Domininos extract about one month faster.
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All the time!! Kidding. The best time to introduce Oak is primary fermentation. There is a magic that happens at this stage of fermentation that has been done for centuries, Barrel Fermentation. The trick is to keep the oak below the cap or foam by adding a sterile weight to keep it from floating.
We recommend tying some fishing line through the hole drilled in the Carboy stick. This makes it simple and easy for removal when ready!

We have perfected our Stix over decades to bring you high quality oak barrel alternatives.